Section 8

Section 8 Tenant Information

What is Section 8?

The Section 8 Program provides assistance to low-income families so they can seek affordable housing in the private rental market

What is a housing voucher?

A housing Voucher holder can select a unit from the private rental market.  Program participants normally pay 30% of their monthly-adjusted income toward rent and utilities.  The Housing Authority subsidizes the balance of the rent to the property owner.  The landlord is responsible for collecting the tenant’s portion from the tenant.  The Housing Authority sends their portion of the rent directly to the landlord between the 1st & 10th of each month.

How can I become a part of the Rental Assistance program?

When Vouchers are available the Housing Authority will post the announcement in the Public Notice’s of the local newspaper.  Applications will be placed on the waiting list according to the time and date of application. When your name reaches the top of the waiting list, an appointment will be scheduled to determine your final eligibility.

What are the income limits?

Income limits established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development apply at two levels.  The Housing Authority is required to offer vouchers to 75% of the people on the waiting list at the lower income limit.  Current Income Limits are as Follows:

1 Person                   11,350 – 18,950
2 Person                   13,000 – 21,650
3 Person                   14,600 – 24,350
4 Person                   16,250 – 27,050
5 Person                   17,550 – 29,200
6 Person                   18,850 – 31,400
7 Person                   20,150 – 33,550
8 Person                   21,400 – 35,700

What is the application process?

During the Application process, the Housing Authority will collect information on family income, assets and family composition.  The Housing Authority will verify this information with other local agencies, your employer and bank, and will use this information to determine program eligibility and the amount of the rental assistance payment.

Where can I live?

Once your name comes to the top of the waiting list you will be issued a Housing Choice Voucher by the Housing Authority.  You can search the private rental market in your community for a housing unit that is decent, safe and sanitary according to the Housing Quality Standards established by HUD and the local Housing Authority.  (If you wish to remain in your present dwelling unit, it will qualify as long as your landlord will accept your Housing Voucher and the unit will meet Housing Quality Standards.)  When you have found a suitable unit and the owner agrees to lease the unit to you under the Housing Choice Voucher Program, the Housing Authority will inspect the unit to assure that it Meets the Housing Quality Standards. After the unit passes HQS inspection and rent has been approved, the landlord and tenant enter a lease for an initial term of one year. The Housing Authority and the landlord will then sign a Housing Assistance Payments Contract through which the rent is assisted on your behalf.  You will be responsible for the monthly payment of the difference between the total rent and the Housing Assistance Payment.

Can I move and continue to receive this assistance?

The Housing Choice Voucher Program is designed to allow families to move without the loss of rental assistance.  Moves are permissible as long as the family notifies the Housing Authority ahead of time, terminates its existing lease within the appropriate provisions, leaves their present dwelling in good standing (not owing any rent or damages) and finds acceptable alternative housing. Under the voucher program, a voucher holder may choose a unit anywhere In the United States.  A family that wishes to move to another Housing Authority jurisdiction must consult with their Housing Authority that currently administers its rental assistance to verify the procedures for moving.

What is the term of the lease and their contract?

After one year, the lease is renewed for a specified time period (month-to-month, six months, etc.)  You may vacate with a notice after the term of the lease expires.  If you remain in the unit, you are re-certified for eligibility and the unit is inspected for Housing Quality Standards annually, at which time the landlord may request an annual adjustment rent increase, which must be approved by the Housing Authority.  This request must be submitted in writing to the Housing Authority and to you sixty days prior to renewal.

How do I apply?

Applicants must complete a preliminary application either online, when available, by mail, or at any Housing Authority Office.  Call 724.228.6060 ext. 113 to receive an application in the mail.  Applicants must fill in all the information on the application and sign the application to be considered for the program.

Tenant Obligations

When the family is settled in a new home, the family is expected to comply with the lease and the program requirements, pay its share of rent on time, abide by the family obligations, maintain the unit in good condition and notify the Housing Authority of any changes in income or family composition.  Go to our application page.